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    Smart Dry Dehumidifier The Seago Smart Dry dehumidifier is the perfect tool for keeping your boat dry this winter. The Smart Dry has a sleek modern look in a compact design with all the right features. The Smart Dry has a 1.8 Litre tank and a continuous drain option with the hose supplied. The digital display makes it easy to see what the humidity settings are and what the unit is set to. The Smart Dry will automatically turn off when the humidity level is below your desired setting, in the event of a power cut the unit will no longer be working until the power is restored. Once the power is restored the Smart Dry will come back on with all of the previous settings allowing you to leave the Smart Dry running with confidence. MODEL SMTD-1710V2EP POWER SUPPLY AC 220-240/50Hz 10L (30°C RH80%) 5.5L (27°C RH60%) RATED INPUT POWER 200W AIR VOLUME 100m³/h WORKING SPACE 10-20m³ WORKING TEMPERATURE 5-32°C REFRIGERANT R134a NOISE LEVEL 42dB COMPRESSOR PISTON TYPE CONTROL MODEL ELECTRONIC WATER TANK CAPACITY 1.8L PRODUCT SIZE 287x169x488mm NET WEIGHT 10 kg GROSS WEIGHT 11.5 kg