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Ribcraft 7.8M

Length 7.8M

Maximum person: 10

Engine power 225hp

She is designed as a commercial foul weather boat and has proven herself in this field. Even in inhospitable sea conditions worldwide the Ribcraft 7.8 will get you there with confidence. With a high sheer bow and a generous 2.7 metre beam they are true workhorses of the sea.

Her large deck space which can accommodate many people or equipment, control cables are routed below the deck keeping the deck clear as a working area. There is a host of accessories available from consoles and seating to propulsion and power options.

LINGBO 5.9M Coach Boat

length 5.9M

width 2.3M

Maximum person: 5

Maximum load capacity 680KG

Engine power 75hp

These boats have long been the standard for coaching dinghy sailors of all types. These RIBs are designed specifically with coaches and sailors in mind.

With a very skinny bow designed to cut through waves when powering to windward. supporting sailors it what these boats do best. With reasonably wide at the sterns to increase planning surface area in order to keep up with boats at high speed.

Engines of choice Honda 75hp fuel efficient and quite to insure coach and sailor can communicate safely as well as enjoying an economical day on the water.

It has never been more important for a coach boat to have Hypolon tubes so dinghies can come alongside the RIBs and be protected from picking up any damage. The Lingbo 5.9 meters is the perfect length for on water support for all class of boats and sailors. The boats are also not too big so that they are nimble to manoeuvre.

Special features include left handed throttles enabling coaches to have a freer right hand, large water tight storage box in the stern for luggage and safety equipment.

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