Composite Engineering

Composites have come a long way in recent years Apollo can now offer the complete composites package from epoxy laminating and infusion to the very latest in prepreg technology.

Apollo specialise in Composite Engineering & Coatings working extensively with Carbon, Glass and Aramid fibres. We work with our customers in a highly confidential manner to develop processes, products and materials for the most demanding of environments. Apollo Composite Technologies is able to support their clients through engineering consultancy and design to machining and production.

Deck Refits

Systems optimisation, as passionate sailors here at Apollo and working closely with leading hardware manufacturers such as Harken, Lewmar, Antal  and Spinlock we are well equipped to provide a specialised system optimisation tailored to your yacht and requirements.

Teak Maintenance

From the fitting of brand new teak decking to refurbishment

For full teak maintenance for long lasting colour and protection or repair we are able to provide you with the ultimate option for your decks.

We also offer a synthetic 3g teak the ultimate alternative to traditional teak by wilks.



Unfortunately damages can happen and are more than often repairable by Apollo skilled Repairs Team who work closely with customers to provide the right repair option.

Apollo Repairs Team pride themselves on providing professional and highest quality repairs and finishings. With extensive experience of working with a wide range of substrates including wood, gelcoat, GRP, armoured and carbon. Apollo can offer the professional and quality repair service your boat deserves – covering everything you require.Â

  • Foil repair
  • Hull repair
  • Deck repair
  • Paint work
  • Spar repair
  • Re-sprays
  • Speed Coatings
  • Gelcoat
  • Fairing
  • Rigging
  • Structural bonding & repair

Osmosis treatment & prevention


The seriousness of osmosis very much depends upon the extent of the moisture content; blistering below the waterline can be treated by local attention, or complete gel peeling.

Complete treatment comprises peeling and blasting to open up the blisters, followed by filling and fairing to reinstate the underwater profile and then by the application of multi-coats of a protective epoxy resin to prevent moisture ingress further.


How do I treat osmosis?

Step 1: Proper preparation of the gelcoat This includes getting all of the antifouling paint and primers off and removal of as much gelcoat as necessary to get the hull dry (i.e. the entire gelcoat or just small areas). A professional, who has looked at your boat, should make this determination.

Step 2: Drying of the hull This is the most critical step in the process. If you do not get the hull dry it will re-blister. We recommend a comprehensive washing and drying procedure.

Step 3: Application of Epoxy Coat This epoxy coat seals up the laminate and fills any cloth that has been voided of resin. It provides a water barrier to minimise the possibility of reoccurrence of damage. Contact us directly for help and advice on your best treatment option and product recommendations.

Step 4: Application Tie coat and or Antifouling The tie-coat between epoxy coat and antifouling.

Hull Care

With a wealth of knowledge in coatings whether it is an anti corrosive finish or the ultimate gloss finish, we have a suitable solution for all your needs. For the top race boat finish you may wish to consider the application of a Nautix, Durapox  finish or perhaps  Awlgrip, for the less speed conscious boater copper coat or general hull care osmosis protection & antifouling is available.


Our preferred application method for all our coatings, producing brush stroke free and seamless results, we at Apollo Composite Technologies can be sure to offer you that dream finish every time.

Vinyl Graphics

Our vinyl graphics & stencils are manufactured in house created with the same quality of workmanship as all our services, With many variety’s in substrates Apollo Technologies can specify the correct vinyl solution for your substrate so can be  applied to Sails, Masts, vehicles, hulls, and even banners.Â


With a wealth of knowledge in Coatings whether it is an anticorrosive finish or the ultimate gloss finish, we have a suitable solution for all substrates, covering most industries; marine, transport, aviation, furniture and industrial. Working with leading manufactures including Akzo Nobel, Awlgrip and Epifanes, Apollo can offer you the complete Coating Solution.


Keel Fairing

Keel Fairing involves all the surfaces of the keel being sanded down using long boards to avoid discrepancies. Profiles are also used to ensure both sides mirror each other and are accurate to the original design. Paint finishes, if required will then ensure optimum race performance.


  • Optimisation is the process that enables your boat to deliver its full potential.
  • Rig Tuning
  • Systems Optimization
  • Gear Optimisation
  • Hull Fairing
  • Laser foil alignment

Foil Testing